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She then how to soften tartar on your teeth made the driver hand over his cap and coat to one of her companions who slid into the driver’s seat. The woman then gave the taxi driver fifty cents and the trio left the man stranded beside the road.

Not all of the flapper bandits used a gun. Some used cons to gain reducing tartar on teeth access to the target’s cash. For example, in 1922 a “comely young woman” pretended to be a door-to-door saleswoman selling hosiery in princeton, illinois. When she found spinster josephine haynes, she must have known right away that she had found her perfect target.

The young woman managed to convince the how to get rid of tartar on teeth at home spinster that there was treasure buried on nebraska farm. She could have it dug up and tartar stains on teeth brought to her for a fee of $1,000 to cover the expenses.
The spinster agreed to the plan, took the money out of the bank, and put it in a drawer until the next visit.

In brooklyn tartar deposits on teeth, new york, a blonde flapper girl, accompanied by a band of men, had committed a series of robberies. The band of robbers were captured in november, 1924 and the blonde flapper was identified as a man named frank burns.
He wore a dress and carried his revolver in a beaded purse.

Similarly, in 1921, there was a suspected fake girl bandit robbing car drivers black tartar on teeth removal in port townsend. According to the rumors, an 18-year-old man was dressing like a woman in order to distract his victims and hide his true identity. Stick ‘em up

She set fire to a building in town and returned to the bank to wait for everyone to leave. However, two bank employees, both large men, remained in the bank. Undeterred, rebecca pulled out a gun and put both of the men into the safe. She walked out with $2,000 without how to rid tartar on teeth having injured a single person.

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